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A Qualified Guide Dog Trainer based in Suffolk, Jai Cross is now offering her knowledge and experience to pet dog owners wanting a happy and confident dog! 

Our Ethos

Dogs have been our companions for thousands of years, adapting to our ever changing world. But in John Bradshaw’s opinion; we humans must take primary responsibility for ensuring that dogs can continue to live harmoniously alongside us (Bradshaw, J. In Defence of Dogs, 2011).

Fitting into our world requires a great deal of versatility. Our dogs need to:

· Adjust to changes to routines

· Be left home alone

· Be good around people

· Friendly towards other dogs

· Settle in café’s and pubs

· Cope with our busy lifestyles

· Travel well

When we first get our puppies, we generally understand that we need to socialise and habituate them to new things. Often however, our only option for continued training is obedience classes. These are crucial, as we do want our dogs to respond to our requests, but it’s even better to have a dog who knows how to behave in different scenarios.

AdaptableDogs is about developing your dog’s understanding of our world and their role within it. By setting our dogs up to succeed, we can encourage decision making, which can then be rewarded, which in turn, builds their confidence to offer more behaviours!

It’s not just your dog that will discover a more relaxed way of being. Through giving you a better awareness of how dog/humans can communicate, you will have less moments of frustration, and more moments of joy as a mutual understanding develops. This in turn will increase the bond and trust between you both! 

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